{How To} Tell If Your Tutu Is Safe

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I thought that it was important to share a little knowledge on how to tell if your tutu is well made and if it is safe for your child. Before Jennifer and I ever sold our first tutu, we spent several months searching for tulle that is safe, lead free and flame retardant. We wanted to ensure that our products would not harm your children. We had some tulle tested by a laboratory that we bought from a very popular craft store. It came back as unsafe for children’s products. I had already made several tutus to prepare for our first trip to the flea market. I immediately destroyed all of them and started from scratch. Here is how you can ensure that you have a well-made, safe product:

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1. All of the tulle we buy is made in America. It does cost more, but it is worth it. So please don’t buy the cheapest thing that you see. Our tulle is lead-free and flame-retardant. We feel this is very important. We do not want your little ones wearing a tutu for their birthday party or wedding where we know there will be candles. I am saddened to see many, many tutus for sale that are not well-made, charging cheaper prices, and made of tulle that I know is not certified safe for your child. I can usually tell by the colors and styles. If it has a pattern or is glitter tulle it is likely not safe. The safe tulle should be treated with glitter AFTER it is made. Be sure to converse with the seller you are buying from to ensure that the are using lead-free and flame-retardant tulle. If not, DON’T BUY IT!
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2. Look closely at the knots and the hemline. If the lines of the tutu or tutu dress is lumpy, bumpy, sloppy, uneven, spread apart, you an see the elastic from the outside, or loose looking DON’T BUY IT. Zoom in on those photos to see. If it is loose, your child can get their little fingers in their and untie it. Also, I often see sellers touting their tutus as better because they are sewn. Sewn does not make it better. If the craftsman is skilled and experienced, it will be well made and last long whether it is sewn or not. I have many customers who tell me they are still wearing their tutus over a year later and have even passed them down to other little ones who are still wearing them.

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3. And sometimes the photos being used are not even their own work. Do your research. If a shop has many, many different mannequins, models and their photos do not look cohesive, most likely they have stolen other shop’s photos and are not their own. You will order something lovely that is pictured and end up witha shabby looking product that does not look anything like the photo. Please do not support shops that also post photos and say, “We didn’t make this it is just to show you what we can do.” You have no idea what the finished product will look like. DON’T BUY IT!

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Jennifer and I are very passionate about creating
the best products on the market for you.

We hope that when you think tutus and
tutu dresses you will think Atutudes.





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