{Breaking News} I am going to be on TV!

Breaking News

Have you ever daydreamed about getting your 15 minutes of fame on TV?

That someone would take notice and all of your dreams would come true?
Goodness knows I have. And one day, out of the blue,
the MOST AMAZING thing happened….

I opened my convos on ETSY one morning to find this message:

“I am xxx xxx, an intern with ABC 33/40, and I came across your page on Etsy, and I would like to know if you are interested in being a guest on Talk of Alabama to discuss your shop. We would love to have you. Just email me at xxx, or call me at xxx.
Thank you.”



What? Me?
Knees shaking, heart palpitating, face flushed…
A million thoughts raced through my head.

What do I wear? What do I say?
How do I behave? Will I choke?
Will I forget what I want to say?
How do I do my hair? My Makeup?

Once I pulled myself together, I replied and told them

YES! I would love to be on TV.

If you are interested in watching us on the show here is the important information:


It will be airing on Birmingham’s ABC 33/40 on Talk of Alabama
with Nicole Allshouse and Ebony Hall  on Monday, July 7.

You can watch it live online from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. CST here:
ABC 33/40 Live Streaming Newscast

or you can watch our segment here afterward:
Talk of Alabama Videos

Ever wonder what my Southern accent sounds like?
Wanna see my bestie and biz partner Jennifer Lee and I sweat it out on TV?
Now is your chance to find out!

We would love to hear any tips and advice if you have been on tv
or anything else you wish to share with us. Just leave a comment below.

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