{How To} Prepare for a TV Appearance – Part 1 – Before The Show


I have accepted the invitation, booked the hotel, planned the road trip with my bestie.


I am a plotter and a planner and a researcher at heart.
A little bit of an introvert….

Can you identify?

I googled “What to wear on tv”

I got all kinds of lovely advice:
Don’t wear black, white or red.
Don’t wear statement necklaces.
Don’t wear dangly earrings.
Don’t wear pattens.
Don’t look at the camera unless told to do so.
Speak louder and with more energy but don’t yell.
Wear makeup.
Use powder to eliminate shine.

My favorite:
When you are on TV, you are not giving a public speech. You are having an engaging
conversation with one or two people.  Don’t think about the audience; instead focus on the one person you are talking to at that moment. Since you talk to one person at a time all day long anyway, there is no reason to be nervous.

(source: http://www.newhaven.edu/255913.pdf)

So I headed to the and found 3 dresses that would be lovely for tv.
Two Royal Blue ones and a Radiant Orchid one from Belk. ON SALE. SCORE!

Calvin Klein Blue Dress
The front-runner, this Calvin Klein Dress….

Lilly Pulitzer Kat Kitten HeelsOn my way to the car I found the most perfect Pink Lilly Pulitzer Bow Kitten Heels.
ON SALE at Dillard’s for 40% off. Could not pass them up. LOVE!

Sassy Jones Boutique McKenzie Necklace

And this stunning statement necklace from Sassy Jones Boutique.

Kate Spade Holly Street Ashton Giverny Blue Bag

And I think I will carry my favorite Kate Spade Holly Street Ashton Giverny Blue Bag.

Back to makeup…

Honey, no respectable Southern lady
leaves the house without makeup.

But what kind of makeup do I wear? Are there any tips or tricks? Back to google search…

I found this lovely youtube video from a tv newscaster and beauty blogger, Emily Noel.

I learned alot and felt more confident…

Now I need a trip to the makeup mecca – ULTA.
I could spend hours and hours in that store.
Headed to Ulta with new tips in hand, I purchased several products.
False lashes and I are not friends. I wanted to purchase a mascara that mimics the look.
False Lash Mascara – check.
Non-Shiny Bronzer – check.
Perfect nail and toenail polish – check.
I was feeling confident.

Next week I will share with you part 2,
the mistakes I made along the way,
so that you can avoid them…

Have any good tips or stories from your appearance on TV?
Comment below. We would love to hear them!

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 Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.
Read Part 2 Here.

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