{How To} Prepare for a TV Appearance – Part 2 – Prep Mistakes I Made

How To Prepare For A TV Appearance Part 2 Prep Mistakes I Made

I admit, I made some mistakes.

Remember my sheer excitement last week over the invitation to appear on TV?
Well even a planner and preparer such as myself can get a little over zealous.

I bought 3 dresses. Well, that may be a little overkill. At least I will wear them to work, church and other places, so it is okay. What I did do AFTER I went shopping was to start watching the show daily. And second-guess my decisions. I suppose that is a normal thing to do on such an exciting occasion as your first time on TV. I see people breaking the rules on there daily – and they seem to work out just fine. I see ladies wearing statement necklaces daily. Thank GOD! Those are a staple in my wardrobe and I may feel a little less spunky without mine. I saw a lady wear a white suit – we are talking head-to-toe white. And she was beautiful on camera. Although I won’t wear white – I feel like I need a little “color”. I have seen patterns and prints, all working beautifully. So you may see me in one of those lovely new dresses or you may see me in my favorite Old Navy Eyelet dress right out of my closet. I have 3 outfit options in mind. I will take them all and see what feels right the day of the appearance.

You know it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind….

About the makeup. I bought a bunch of makeup. On 2 different visits to Ulta. On the second, I went back to replenish my daily staples. Yes I want to look great on camera. But what I have been doing works for me. I added a couple of new products, but overall, I will keep with my routine. Remember the false lash mascara. Hated it. I guess I don’t need length but volume. So I went right back to my true mascara love, Loreal Paris Voluminous. I have light colored eyes an feel that they get lost without the right mascara. And my eyes water daily. So I got the waterproof version. Tried a bronzer. Not really that impressed. I think I will self-tan before I leave home to travel to Birmingham.

I jumped on the advice bandwagon a little too soon.
The lessons I pass onto you if you are ever in a similar situation:
Stick with what works for you.
Try new things before the day of your appearance just in case they don’t work so well.
Relax and be yourself. You are chosen for a reason.

Next week I will delve into Part 3 – On The Show.
I will share with you my thoughts and experiences on air.
And of course, any tips I learn after my appearance.



It will be airing on Birmingham’s ABC 33/40 on Talk of Alabama
with Nicole Allshouse and Ebony Hall  TODAY!!!!.

You can watch it live online July 7 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. CST here:
ABC 33/40 Live Streaming Newscast

or you can watch our segment here afterward:
Talk of Alabama Videos

Ever wonder what my Southern accent sounds like?
Wanna see my bestie and biz partner Jennifer Lee and I sweat it out on TV?
TODAY is your chance to find out!

Be sure to comment below if you have any questions. I would love to answer them for you!

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Part 2 of a 3 part series… Read Part 1 HERE

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