{How To} Prepare for a TV Appearance – Part 3 – On The Show

How to Prepare for a TV Appearance Part 3 On the Show

In Part 3 of our 3 part series, ” How To Prepare For A TV Appearance”,
I will be sharing my experiences on a TV show for the first time.

(You can read part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE)

A television appearance is much like your wedding day.
You plot, prep and plan. You study and do research.
You don’t know what to expect, but have given it your all to prepare.
Before you know it, all of the work comes to fruition.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Before you know it, it seems like a blur and is over.
You are not even sure what transpired clearly.
Thankfully, there is a video replay so you can catch up.

You finally relax now that it is finished.
And are tired. Really tired.
I did not sleep a wink the night before the show.
I knew I wouldn’t. I was too nervous. Too excited.
I practiced my questions and answers in my head.

Jennifer and I left Sunday morning to travel. She from Destin, Florida to Mobile, Alabama to meet me, and then on to Birmingham, Alabama. We wanted to arrive in plenty of time, for several reasons. We wanted to find the location of the studio in day light, so we would know how far away it was from the hotel. Also, GPS is amazing, but let’s face it, sometimes it is wrong. We did not want to arrive late and miss our segment. The studio wants you to arrive promptly at 8:30 the next day, or you do not go on. Plus we would have been frazzled had we gotten lost right before the show. We tried to make it in time to do a little Galleria shopping but God had other plans for our wallets. We were stuck in 3 traffic jams on the way up due to the Independence Day traffic heading home from the Gulf Coast beaches.

We had great conversation catching back up on the news from our busy day-to-day lives. We settled on a quick trip to Pottery Barn Kids and to browse Kate Spade at The Summit shopping center. Our real destination was the Cheesecake Factory. I knew it was one of Jennifer’s favorites. I found out there was one there, SCORE! It was really good. We share several appetizers and took home a big slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake for later.

Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake

Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake

We checked into our hotel and decided to rehearse our lines. Jennifer and I always get slap happy about 9:00 p.m. We giggle and get silly and think everything is funny. We have so much fun together! But this was time to be serious. For some reason we just could not look at each other and not laugh. So I recommended we pretend to be the newscasters by holding their pictures I had printed out over our faces. No eye contact – no giggling – for the most part.

Jennifer Lee practicing her lines as Ebony Hall

Jennifer Lee practicing her lines as Ebony Hall

Kristal Lee practicing her lines as Nicole Allshouse

Kristal Lee practicing her lines as Nicole Allshouse

We finally grew tired and went to bed. Nether of us could sleep, but we thought the other was asleep all night.

The alarm went off promptly at 5:30 a.m. We showered, primped and dressed. While doing so we had it on ABC 33/40 watching the Good Morning America Show. During the commercial break we were delighted to see that Talk of Alabama chose to announce the upcoming show by mentioning us and showing our photos on the promo. That was amazing!

Remember last weeks post – mistakes. Well, I wasn’t as off base as I had thought. I ended up wearing the dress I bought for the show. Once I found the Sassy Jones Boutique “McKenzie” necklace everything came together. It had the cobalt blue from my dress, the hot pink from my Lilly Pulitzer Kat Kitten Heel shoes and a pop of turquoise. That gave me the perfect excuse to carry my Kate Spade Holly Street Ashton Giverny Blue bag. I felt confident and as ready as I would ever be.

What I Wore on TV

We proceeded to travel to the ABC studio. We arrived almost 40 minutes early. Not wanting to be the first ones to arrive. we waited nervously in the car not knowing what to do with ourselves. We both love the TV show “The Office. Dwight Schrute is one of my favorite characters. He has this ritual before a big sales meeting of playing air guitar to Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart. So I surprised Jennifer by playing it on my I-Phone. We laughed and the nervousness seemed to fade. We listened to a few more songs until a decent time to go in.

Before the show selfie

Before the show selfie

We arrived at the studio door, and the receptionist buzzed us in. We met the show coordinator Dan and he told us we would be on about 9:15. He told us to make ourselves at home in the lobby. It was a bustling day for guests. Several people were sitting nervously around in the lobby. There was an all star youth baseball team. We were in the same room with baseball great Willie Mays and did not even realize it until we watched the replay later.

Nervously waiting to go on tv

We watched Good Morning America on the monitors until the show started. I was thrilled to be chosen as the lead story. They showed our product photos and chatted about some of the celebrities that were being shown. I snapped a few photos of the monitor.

Miss Iowa Nicole Kelly

Miss Iowa Nicole Kelly

Miss Iowa Nicole Kelly

Tess Hunt and Josh Sussman

Tess Hunt and Josh Sussman

Guest lineup for the show - including Willie Mays name...DUH!

Guest lineup for the show – including Willie Mays name…DUH!

Sheri and Ebony talking about Atutudes

Sheri and Ebony talking about Atutudes

That’s when butterflies started in. I had a fight or flight reaction. And I had considered flight for a second. I gave myself a mental pep talk. “Okay, you know this stuff. You live and breathe it daily. All you are doing is having a conversation with another person. You got this.”

Dan came up at about 9:10 and said it was time. We followed him through a hallway to a small room that contained a couch, a cooking area and the place we were to stand with the table. The intern hooked up the microphone and we had a sound check. During the commercial we chatted with Ebony and Sheri. They are both so gorgeous and sweet in person! We chatted about our shoes and a little about the shop. This helped put us at ease. Then it was time.

Sheri Hall, Kristal Lee and Jennifer Lee

Sheri Hall, Kristal Lee and Jennifer Lee

Sheri Hall, Kristal Lee and Jennifer Lee

Sheri Hall, Kristal Lee and Jennifer Lee

Kristal Lee

Kristal Lee

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

Sheri Falk introduced us. I had prayed that I would not say” uh”, “and” or “uhm” too much. I looked at her face while chatting never looking at the camera and had a very pleasant conversation. The words came pretty easily and I was pleasantly surprised. They showed photos and scrolled on screen through our shop.  I even glanced at the camera for a second and did not freeze. Before I knew it, we were finished. When we were leaving, Dan told us we did a great job. He invited us to get in touch with the producer if we would like to come back in the future. Once out of sight, Jennifer and I left the studio and high-fived each other.

After contemplating and talking with Jennifer, we both felt like it went by so fast. You plan and plan and it is over before you know it. If it were not for the video I would not really even know what happened.

I really am glad we conquered our fears and did this.
I would love to do it again.
As a matter of fact, I have 2 more dresses I need to wear…


P.S. You can watch the video of the our appearance on ABC 33/40’s Talk of Alabama HERE


{How To} Prepare for a TV Appearance – Part 2 – Prep Mistakes I Made

How To Prepare For A TV Appearance Part 2 Prep Mistakes I Made

I admit, I made some mistakes.

Remember my sheer excitement last week over the invitation to appear on TV?
Well even a planner and preparer such as myself can get a little over zealous.

I bought 3 dresses. Well, that may be a little overkill. At least I will wear them to work, church and other places, so it is okay. What I did do AFTER I went shopping was to start watching the show daily. And second-guess my decisions. I suppose that is a normal thing to do on such an exciting occasion as your first time on TV. I see people breaking the rules on there daily – and they seem to work out just fine. I see ladies wearing statement necklaces daily. Thank GOD! Those are a staple in my wardrobe and I may feel a little less spunky without mine. I saw a lady wear a white suit – we are talking head-to-toe white. And she was beautiful on camera. Although I won’t wear white – I feel like I need a little “color”. I have seen patterns and prints, all working beautifully. So you may see me in one of those lovely new dresses or you may see me in my favorite Old Navy Eyelet dress right out of my closet. I have 3 outfit options in mind. I will take them all and see what feels right the day of the appearance.

You know it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind….

About the makeup. I bought a bunch of makeup. On 2 different visits to Ulta. On the second, I went back to replenish my daily staples. Yes I want to look great on camera. But what I have been doing works for me. I added a couple of new products, but overall, I will keep with my routine. Remember the false lash mascara. Hated it. I guess I don’t need length but volume. So I went right back to my true mascara love, Loreal Paris Voluminous. I have light colored eyes an feel that they get lost without the right mascara. And my eyes water daily. So I got the waterproof version. Tried a bronzer. Not really that impressed. I think I will self-tan before I leave home to travel to Birmingham.

I jumped on the advice bandwagon a little too soon.
The lessons I pass onto you if you are ever in a similar situation:
Stick with what works for you.
Try new things before the day of your appearance just in case they don’t work so well.
Relax and be yourself. You are chosen for a reason.

Next week I will delve into Part 3 – On The Show.
I will share with you my thoughts and experiences on air.
And of course, any tips I learn after my appearance.



It will be airing on Birmingham’s ABC 33/40 on Talk of Alabama
with Nicole Allshouse and Ebony Hall  TODAY!!!!.

You can watch it live online July 7 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. CST here:
ABC 33/40 Live Streaming Newscast

or you can watch our segment here afterward:
Talk of Alabama Videos

Ever wonder what my Southern accent sounds like?
Wanna see my bestie and biz partner Jennifer Lee and I sweat it out on TV?
TODAY is your chance to find out!

Be sure to comment below if you have any questions. I would love to answer them for you!

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Part 2 of a 3 part series… Read Part 1 HERE

{How To} Prepare for a TV Appearance – Part 1 – Before The Show


I have accepted the invitation, booked the hotel, planned the road trip with my bestie.


I am a plotter and a planner and a researcher at heart.
A little bit of an introvert….

Can you identify?

I googled “What to wear on tv”

I got all kinds of lovely advice:
Don’t wear black, white or red.
Don’t wear statement necklaces.
Don’t wear dangly earrings.
Don’t wear pattens.
Don’t look at the camera unless told to do so.
Speak louder and with more energy but don’t yell.
Wear makeup.
Use powder to eliminate shine.

My favorite:
When you are on TV, you are not giving a public speech. You are having an engaging
conversation with one or two people.  Don’t think about the audience; instead focus on the one person you are talking to at that moment. Since you talk to one person at a time all day long anyway, there is no reason to be nervous.

(source: http://www.newhaven.edu/255913.pdf)

So I headed to the and found 3 dresses that would be lovely for tv.
Two Royal Blue ones and a Radiant Orchid one from Belk. ON SALE. SCORE!

Calvin Klein Blue Dress
The front-runner, this Calvin Klein Dress….

Lilly Pulitzer Kat Kitten HeelsOn my way to the car I found the most perfect Pink Lilly Pulitzer Bow Kitten Heels.
ON SALE at Dillard’s for 40% off. Could not pass them up. LOVE!

Sassy Jones Boutique McKenzie Necklace

And this stunning statement necklace from Sassy Jones Boutique.

Kate Spade Holly Street Ashton Giverny Blue Bag

And I think I will carry my favorite Kate Spade Holly Street Ashton Giverny Blue Bag.

Back to makeup…

Honey, no respectable Southern lady
leaves the house without makeup.

But what kind of makeup do I wear? Are there any tips or tricks? Back to google search…

I found this lovely youtube video from a tv newscaster and beauty blogger, Emily Noel.

I learned alot and felt more confident…

Now I need a trip to the makeup mecca – ULTA.
I could spend hours and hours in that store.
Headed to Ulta with new tips in hand, I purchased several products.
False lashes and I are not friends. I wanted to purchase a mascara that mimics the look.
False Lash Mascara – check.
Non-Shiny Bronzer – check.
Perfect nail and toenail polish – check.
I was feeling confident.

Next week I will share with you part 2,
the mistakes I made along the way,
so that you can avoid them…

Have any good tips or stories from your appearance on TV?
Comment below. We would love to hear them!

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 Part 1 of a 3 Part Series.
Read Part 2 Here.