{Recipe} Strawberry Sweet Tea with Strawberry Ice Cubes

Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea Recipe by Atutudes

Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea Recipe by Atutudes

Before I turned 39 I was looking for a special place to celebrate. While doing research
I found a website for A Spot of Tea in downtown Mobile on Dauphin Street.

Just look at these adorable ladies leaving a baby shower tea party in their Southern finest…

Ladies leaving A Spot of Tea

I was instantly intrigued by their extensive menu and tea offerings. I decided to gather with my girls for a nice birthday lunch. The waitress recommended their famous Strawberry Iced Tea. After the first taste I was smitten. I must have had a pitcher all by myself that day.

I later went back for lunch with my mom. We go to lunch together at least once a week. While there I learned a special tip. After admitting how much I love the tea to my waitress, she told me they sold the strawberry syrup there and that was how you make it. I did not buy it that day.

Torani Strawberry Syrup

Upon my shopping trip to World Market this week I spotted Torani Strawberry Syrup in the coffee section. I decided to buy a bottle and see if I could recreate the magic at home myself. I was slightly nervous on the amount to use, etc. Upon trial and error I have perfected it for you to make at home. However, if you are ever in Mobile, Alabama I recommend you make a special trip to A Spot of Tea. It is one of my favoite places to eat brunch and lunch.

Atutudes Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea

Strawberry Sweet Tea with Fruit Ice Cubes


1 Lipton Family Size Tea Bag
1/4 Cup Torani Strawberry Syrup
3/4 Cup Sugar 1 Quart (approximately)

Place the tea bag in a pot with water onto the stove. Turn on High and watch the pot until it just looks like it is ready to boil. Warning: Do not let the tea bag boil as it may bust and you will have tea leaves in your tea. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Remove from heat and turn off burner. Let the tea bag steep while you prepare the pitcher. Fill a Quart pitcher about 1/3 of the way with cold water. Add the sugar and stir so that it will start to dissolve. I use a quart Ball canning jar because it reminds me of Nana’s house.

Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea Recipe by Atutudes

Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea Recipe by Atutudes

Take the warm tea in your pot and pour into the sugar mixture. The heat will dissolve the sugar completely. Add the strawberry syrup to the mixture and stir. Fill the pitcher the rest of the way with cold water. Stir well to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Place in the refrigerator until well chilled. While the Strawberry Tea is chilling, make the Fruit Ice Cubes.

Fresh Strawberries


Items needed to make Strawberry Ice Cubes

Fruit Ice Cubes


Ice Trays (I used heart shape)

Cutting the Strawberries

Wash your strawberries. On a cutting board, cut the green tops off and slice them in 1/8″ slices.

Atutudes Strawberry Ice Cubes

Arrange the slices in the bottom of the trays and cover with water. I used some adorable heart trays I scooped up in Target’s bargain bins at the front of the store. The sliced strawberries fit into the heart trays perfectly. Place in the freezer until completely set and then you are ready to go.

Atutudes Strawberry Ice Cubes


Atutudes Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea Recipe

What better container for Southern Sweet Tea? I wanted to make it cute, as if you were coming over to sip with me. I found some adorable Daisy Cut Lids at Tomkat Studios on etsy. I also found cute red and white striped napkins and paper straws at Target. I mean come on! Who doesn’t love a paper straw? I added some fun pink and white striped baker’s twine around my glass and made a bow to tie it off.

Atutudes Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea

I added my Ball Canning Pitcher of Tea, My sweet blue Ball Canning glass, my shabby chic flower arrangement from last week and my Strawberry Ice Cubes, and my cute Dipped Strawberry salt shaker to a tray purchased from Hobby Lobby and took it to my font porch.

Atutudes Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea

Won’t you sit and sip for a while?

Atutudes Hummingbird

 Or if you prefer we can grab a rocker and chat while we watch the hummingbirds eat…

Atutudes Dragonfly

Or be entertained by the dragonflies…

Atutudes Crepe Myrtle

Or stop and smell the flowers…





4 thoughts on “{Recipe} Strawberry Sweet Tea with Strawberry Ice Cubes

  1. Your tea party is very cute and would be fun to have, but when I stop to smell the flowers,is that hot pink flower for real? I would like to grow one of those if it’s not silk. Too hard to keep silk worms alive this far north!

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